[Check_mk (english)] WARN for Unmonitored Services, but then no services seen?

Paul Dott pauldott at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 19:26:59 CET 2019

Sometimes the results from the service scan (inventory) are cached. Try
Tabula Rasa or Full Scan.

On Thu, Feb 7, 2019 at 9:08 AM Scott Vieth <sav2880 at sav2880.net> wrote:

> Hello, .
> Need some help with an issue I'm seeing with check_mk raw 1.5.0p9. On many
> servers we've brought in, many through automation scripts. We have servers
> that show OK for ping, and then show the warning which you sometime see for
> un-monitored services.
> Now from what I understand, when you see that you go into the Host
> Properties, say "Save and Go To Services", and you should have the
> opportunity to then enable those un-monitored services. However when I do
> that, I don't see any services that can be enabled.
> Yet, when I re-run the service check to find un-monitored services, it
> does find the same number of services (usually 19-20) that aren't in there
> yet.
> What might I be doing wrong here so that I can get these services to show
> up as being properly monitored?
> Thanks!
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> Scott Vieth
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