[Check_mk (english)] Vmware Vsphere Snapshots Plugin

Dr. Maik Götte maik.goette at uni-kassel.de
Fri Feb 8 07:19:23 CET 2019

Hey Jon,

you may use regex to cope with vm names in piggyback; still, you need 
some standard in naming your vms in esxi.



Am 07.02.2019 um 16:59 schrieb Jon Wolberg:

> I just ran into this a few weeks back myself and it turned out that 
> the names of the VMs in vCenter need to *exactly* match the names of 
> the servers within check_mk.  If they don't, it won't monitor them.  
> Once I re-named my VMs, including case sensitivity, it worked fine.
> Jon Wolberg
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> Hi,
> I seem to be unable to get the virtual machine snapshots to show up in 
> inventory on either ESXI or the VM inventory. I used to be able to see 
> these but have not seen them as an inventory in about a year after an 
> past update.
>  1. I have read only user on the ESXI host
>  2. I have setup a datasource rule that monitors Vpshere and when I
>     run inventory on the ESXI hosts, I see all vms and various
>     information but the check plugin esx_vsphere_snapshots is not
>     listed anywhere.
>  3. Same with the virtual machine inventory, I have an agent installed
>     on both windows and linux servers and there are no
>     esx_vsphere_snapshots listed in inventory.
>  4. I see this on 5.5,6.0, 6.5 vmware ESXi machines.
> How may I monitor the snapshots on the vmware esxis?
> -H
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