[Check_mk (english)] weird issue(s) with adding distributed node?

Christian Vo christian.vo at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 19:06:56 CET 2019


- our existing Check_MK deployment is running 1.2.6p12
- I just created a new slave node (standalone host)  that is running
- I was able to  add the new slave node to the existing deployment using
the instructions found here:
- only difference was that I enabled  using persistent connections

- "Apply Changes" seemed to work from the master ,  with last result being
"Success" .
without adding or assigning any new hosts/services to the slave, I logged
into the slave node's website
and can see the folders and hosts underneath  ( all pushed from the master)

- Issue#1 -- from the slave node's check_mk website, the host entries all
"Unknown site (False)" under the "Monitored on site" column.

- if I try to add a new host from the master UI  (host to be monitored on
the master) and apply change all seems ok, new test host is pushed to slave
- I try to re-assign monitoring of this new host to be monitored by the
slave node and push this change, seems to work (no error)

- issue #2 - the slave node shows the test host in it's folders and shows
it as being monitored by the slave.
however it's tactical overview shows 0 hosts and 0 services... Host view --
all hosts also shows nothing
- issue#3 --  I can't look up the test host from quicksearch on the master,
nothing appears

- issue#4 -  I can't do a service discovery on the test host, I get error
message "Unable to parse provided data: None"

is this all related to slave version being too different from the master
node?  I remember reading the version requirement only after I downloaded &
installed on the slave =\
did I miss anything else? all I want to start is just icmp ping against the
test node :)


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