[Check_mk (english)] How to check the age of a group of files

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Sun Feb 10 14:49:17 CET 2019

On 09.02.19 08:43, Soo How Cheng wrote:
> Dear everyone,
> This is using check_MK 1.40p37. This is to monitor a SuSE Linux server 
> for the path - /usr6/MAPS2/bak/ folder. There is one database file and 
> number of
> *.rf files. If normal circumstance, one or more of these *.rf files 
> will be incrementally updated and rename as, for example 
> file1_09022019.rf, or fileX_09022019.rf, etc.
> However, if none of these *.rf were found updated for the past 4 
> hours, then, we can conclude that something is wrong. I heard that by 
> using mrpe script, we are able
> to monitoring and get the alert notification correspondingly.
> Can any one share with this mrpe script or other suggestions?
> Thanks in advance.
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Hi Soo How,

you don't need mrpe scripts for that, you can extend the agent config 
with a fileinfo.cfg file to monitor /usr6/MAPS2/bak/*.rf

On the server side you will then need a rule for "file group pattern" 
and "state and count of file groups", Marcel has described something 
similar a few years back but the config options haven't changed so it's 
still valid:

see => 



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