[Check_mk (english)] Checmk 1.5.0p5 Raw edition Connect Users to LDAP (Not working) - LDAP connector

Schmidt, Stefan Stefan.Schmidt at bdt.de
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Not sure if I understand your problem, are trying to use the users of the Check_MK install against a LADP (AD)?

Anyway this is how it works for me...
In WATO> Config> ?user> LADP Connection
- add a new connection
- Gerneral Properties> give is a ID ( I used a random string like "test1")
- LDAP Connection> Dir Type = AD
Connect to: Manual..., >AD DC Server IP
Enable "Bind Credentials" > Base DN "cn=tester,ou=testcenter,dc=mydom,dc=local"
This is the base connection login user, and it depends on your AD structure, I have a user "tester" in Organizational Unit testcenter in the domain mydom.local
- Password...
- Users > User Base DN: "ou=monitoring,ou=testcenter,dc=mydom,dc=local"
- Groups > Group Base DN: "ou=monitoring,ou=testcenter,dc=mydom,dc=local"
This depend on your AD
> Save and Test

You should ge a lot of green check marks on the top right in the Diagnostics thingy.

- Apply the changes
- go back to Users and you should see all users and groups from your AD.
- edit the users to change roles.

If not, there where errors in the Connection Diagnostics thing or your user/ group Base DN stuff leads to empty  stuff in your AD.

btw I did not have change anything in the AD for this.

bye Stefan

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Hi Team ,

CheckMk is a great monitoring tool and I am sure there is LDAP connector features already available.

I was wondering how to connect my users to LDAP (AD)
I have the ldap connection setting , but it is not connecting an user to that connection.
As per document I do not see
Global settings --User management

2. Enabling LDAP Connector (only needed before 1.2.7i3)
I do not see the user connectors elsewhere in the settings. I am using 1.5.0p5

Kindly assist,

Thanks and Regards
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