[Check_mk (english)] Monitoring Kubernetes with k8s

Karl Otterbein karl.otterbein at jet.com
Thu Feb 21 17:23:15 CET 2019

Updated, still not discovering anything- these are worker nodes I'm using, do I need to have access to the master node for anything to show up?  It is a cloud-based managed system so I'm wondering if that may be the issue-


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Hi Karl,

Am 21.02.19 um 17:03 schrieb Karl Otterbein via checkmk-en:

> I'm trying to get a kubernetes cluster under management in CMK.
> Currently running version 1.5.0p11 (agent and server) and outside of
> some documentation regarding the k8s checks, I do not see any plugins or
> setup information

Please upgrade to Check_MK 1.5.0p12

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