[Check_mk (english)] missing almost everything after manual restore

Nenad Canic ( Vip mobile ) N.Canic at vipmobile.rs
Fri Feb 22 11:56:32 CET 2019



Ver. Is RAW 1.2.8p14


This morning I renamed one vm on ESX, from Name to NAME


After that Check MK can not anymore read that host.


We've tried to rename host also in Check MK, and that's put in queue but can
not be activated.


After that my colegue from command line done snapshot restore and now we
missing almost all, folders, hosts, contact groups... There are left some
views that I create on my login and I can see hosts from that views. If I
choose one host and enter into WATO, Services I can see discovered checks
but all of them must be again "connected" to host.


Is there any way to recover from this point ? We have one large snapshot
from 09 / 2018.


Thank you.




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