[Check_mk (english)] Output of plugin to be constant format.

Nilanchal Panigrahi 0310nup at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 11:37:25 CET 2019

Dear Team,

Below is example for output for Service named Memory output .. which has
various output format.

We need out similar to "OK - 11.2% (44.02MB) of 394.26MB used " as a
standard output for all memory service name.

Please let us know how to achieve this.




Memory utilization

Memory used

OK - 1.57 GB used (1.57 GB RAM + 0.00 GB SWAP, this is 40.0% of 3.93 GB RAM)

Memory utilization

Mem used Processor

OK - 11.2% (44.02MB) of 394.26MB used

Memory utilization

Supervisor Mem Used

OK - 23.0% of supervisor memory used

Memory utilization

Percentage Memory

OK - Memory usage is 31%

Memory utilization

Memory Utilization

OK - 43.0% utilization

Memory utilization


OK - 27.93 % of physical memory used. (4697759744 of tot_swap_kb KB)

Memory utilization

Memory and pagefile

OK - Memory usage: 41.1% (0.8/2.0 GB), Page file usage: 38.4% (1.2/3.1 GB)

Memory utilization

Memory Module 5 BR-MLX-10Gx8-X 8-port 10GbE X

OK - 805.80MB used (39.3%) of total 2.00GB

Memory utilization

Memory Usage

OK - 60.0% utilization
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