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Mon Oct 7 18:35:10 CEST 2019

Hello Andreas,

I have just enabled the AWS monitoring and did not do any additional 
setup/configure at my CheckMK or AWS account for fetching info. I just 
created an entry in datasource program and choose EC2, RDS for two 
regions. As per the billing happened to me, just enabling the EC2 in 
data source program fetches data using "GetMetricData API" for 
monitoring and this is by default I guess.

Thanks & Regards,
Y.Leo Simon
System Administrator - IT Infrastructure
Digital Nirvana Information Systems
Tel: +91 422-672-0600 Ext: 571
Mob: +919789720286

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>Hi Leo,
>if I read the the AWS cost calculation right, then the GetMetricData 
>But the question is how big is your system and how many GetMetricData 
>requests do you have?
>The most important thing is interval you request your data and how many 
>metrics you request.
>Do you tested it with your system? With the free tier it is possible to 
>get the basic metrics with 5 minute interval.
>--> You can get started with Amazon CloudWatch for free. Most AWS 
>Services (EC2, S3, Kinesis, etc.) vend metrics automatically for free 
>to CloudWatch. Many applications should be able to operate within these 
>free tier limits.
>Best regards
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>>Hello there,
>>Doing the above for my aws accounts in checkmk will cost me more on 
>>"$0.01 per 1,000 metrics requested using GetMetricData API" ??
>>Has anyone faced similar issue?
>>Thanks & Regards,
>>Y.Leo Simon
>>System Administrator - IT Infrastructure
>>Digital Nirvana Information Systems
>>Tel: +91 422-672-0600 Ext: 571
>>Mob: +919789720286
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