[Check_mk (english)] False Positives due to RTA threshold

Brian Binder brianjbinder at icloud.com
Wed Oct 16 04:55:11 CEST 2019

It’s still in 1.6, as I use it.
You should see what you’re looking for in the rule: PING and host check parameters.
By default they are already set for when you use WAN tags.
I always make changes to them in that I don’t ever use the 5 packet rule, and always use 3 because it doesn’t work well with 5 on any network I’ve managed, regardless of equipment.
Either way, that might be what you were/are looking for.
On Oct 15, 2019, 7:46 PM -0500, Rodrigo Amaral via checkmk-en <checkmk-en at lists.mathias-kettner.de>, wrote:
> Rich,
> Thanks for looking into it, but it's different I think. It seems, that will create a new service which I can change the threshold parameters for CRI and WAR to match what I want. In my case, I want check_mk to obey a new RTA rule where the default are higher values for when detecting hosts are considered down when the RTA is too high.
> Thanks,
> Rod
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