Check_MK Werk 0375: LDAP: Now handling user-ids with umlauts

Lars Michelsen lm at
Tue Dec 17 10:12:26 CET 2013

ID:          0375
Title:       LDAP: Now handling user-ids with umlauts
Component:   Multisite
Level:       1
Class:       Bug Fix
Version:     1.2.5i1

User-IDs with umlauts seem to be used in some installations. We added one new configuration
options to handle those User-IDs. The default is now that multisite replaces the umlauts
ü, ö, ä, ß with two letters ue, oe, ae, ss. Other umlauts are left untouched. Another option
is that users with umlauts are simply skipped and not synced into multisite.

Please note: Users with umlauts need to login with their umlaut login name. After login, the
username is always used without umlauts within multisite.

Maybe we make multisite handle umlauts correctly one day, but for the moment this change
could have too many unwanted results.

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