Check_MK Werk 0721: Use hard states in BI aggregates

Mathias Kettner mk at
Mon Mar 10 12:51:10 CET 2014

ID:          0721
Title:       Use hard states in BI aggregates
Component:   BI
Level:       2
Class:       New Feature
Version:     1.2.5i1

Check_MK BI is now able to base the computation of the state of an BI aggregate
on hard states of hosts and services. This is a new option at the top level
of a BI aggregate. In WATO this is a new check box in each aggregation called
<i>Base state computation on hard states</i>.

When you edit your BI aggregates with a text editor then simply prefix
your aggregation entries with the keyword <tt>HARD_STATES</tt>. Here
is an example:

host_aggregations += [
( HARD_STATES, 'Hosts', FOREACH_HOST, ['tcp'], ALL_HOSTS, 'host', ['$1$']),

<b>Note</b>: Please make sure that all of your monitoring sites are
updated to the same Check_MK version as your Multisite server. This new
BI features needs an up-to-date Livestatus implementation.

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