Check_MK Werk 8093: New option for expiration of acknowledgements

Lars Michelsen lm at
Wed Feb 22 11:11:16 CET 2017

ID:          8093
Title:       New option for expiration of acknowledgements
Component:   cmc
Level:       2
Class:       New feature
Version:     1.2.6b1

Acknowledgements can now optionally expire. Multisite has been extended
by an option to set a timespan when acknowledging problems. At the end
of this timespan the acknowledgement is automatically removed and
a log entry created in <tt>cmc.log</tt>. You can see an expiration in the
details views about the comments of a host or service.

Expiration of acknowledgements mean something like "This should be
repaired within time X". In combination with periodic notifications
these acknowledgements will in effect stop the notifications for the
configured while.

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