Check_MK Werk 5701: Windows agent: renew logging

Jukka Aro ja at
Thu Feb 1 10:20:24 CET 2018

ID:          5701
Title:       Windows agent: renew logging
Component:   Checks & agents
Level:       1
Class:       New feature
Version:     1.5.0i1

The logging functionality of the Windows agent was rewritten. The key
features and changes are as follows:

* The logs are built incrementally over time and rotated up to 5
copies once the log size of 8 MB is reached.
* The formatting of the log entries has been changed to include a
numeric log level (0...7) and an absolute timestamp with the
accuracy of milliseconds (instead of a relative time since the
agent started).
* The naming of agent logfiles has been changed: the agent logs to
CHECK_MK_AGENT_INSTALL_DIR\log\agent.log which will then be rotated
as agent.log.N, N={1...5}
* Crash info as subsection [[[Check_MK Agent]]] within the section
<<<logwatch>>> was removed. Now that the logs are persistent,
information about past crashes can be obtained in the logs.
* Debug log entries are enabled by setting crash_debug = yes in the
global section of check_mk.ini.
* The names of the various logfiles no longer appear in the output of
section Check_MK when crash_debug = yes.

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