Check_MK Werk 5732: BI aggregations are now customer aware

Lars Michelsen lm at
Fri Feb 16 09:00:22 CET 2018

ID:          5732
Title:       BI aggregations are now customer aware
Component:   WATO
Level:       2
Class:       New feature
Version:     1.5.0i3

The configuration if the BI aggregations is now handled in a customer aware
way by the Check_MK Managed Services Edition. You can now configure each
aggregation to be associated with a customer, the provider or being globally
available. The aggregations are assigned to the provider by default.

In case you want to have an aggregation only be synchronized to a single
customer, you can configure it in the aggregation properties.

A customer only get's the BI packs and BI rules synchronized that are
needed to handle the aggregations that are made available to this customer.

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