Check_MK Werk 6617: Check_MK is now available as Docker container

Lars Michelsen lm at
Mon Sep 17 09:10:27 CEST 2018

ID:          6617
Title:       Check_MK is now available as Docker container
Component:   Site Management
Level:       2
Class:       New feature
Version:     1.6.0i1

Besides the traditional operating system packages we are now providing Check_MK
as Docker container image to improve the support of using Check_MK in containerized

For the moment the Docker images are published together with the other Check_MK
packages on the versions download pages for manual download.

Future releases of the Check_MK Raw Edition will be published on Docker Hub
( On this page you can already
find some information on how to use the images. These instructions apply to all
Check_MK Editions.

The Enterprise and Managed Services Edition containers will also be available through
a docker image repository in the future. For the moment you will have to download and
import the images manually using <tt>docker load</tt>.

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