Checkmk Werk 7419: Adapt help text to actual state and add log entry

Tom Baerwinkel tb at
Mon Jun 3 22:21:55 CEST 2019

ID:          7419
Title:       Adapt help text to actual state and add log entry
Component:   Notifications
Level:       1
Class:       Bug fix
Version:     1.6.0i1

The notificationnumber for hosts and services of custom notifications
was silently modified from '0' to '1' since at least June 2015. This
was not shown in the help text of the conditions of notifiction rules,
and the notify.log.

This werk corrects the help text for the condition "Restrict to nth to
mth notification", adds a default of '1' for the minimum value, and
adds a log entry for the modification to the notify.log in debug mode.

Rules with a value of '0' for the minimum value will still work, but
have to be changed to at least '1' when the rule is saved again.

Note that the "Show / hide notification context" option of the Analyze
mode will still show values of '0' since it shows the raw notifications
from the core and not the completed context.

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