Checkmk Werk 7761: New livestatus columns tags and labels

Lars Michelsen lm at
Tue Jun 4 21:13:20 CEST 2019

ID:          7761
Title:       New livestatus columns tags and labels
Component:   Livestatus
Level:       1
Class:       New feature
Version:     1.6.0b1

The hosts and services tables now have two new columns named
<tt>tags</tt> for fetching the configured tags and <tt>labels</tt>
for fetching the configured labels.

In the past one had to use the columns <tt>custom_variables</tt>
to get the TAGS custom variable of a host and parse the value of
this variable to get the configured host tags. This approach also
had some limitations in terms of filtering by tags. The tag group
information was totally missing here.

The new <tt>tags</tt> column can be parsed and filtered with less
trouble. If you do livestatus queries on the tags we recommend to
use these fields.

One example for a livestatus query and the resulting data:

OMD[heute]:~$ lq "GET hosts\nColumns: tags\nOutputFormat: json"

The filtering can be done just like for other dictionary style

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