Checkmk Werk 7763: Introduce labels as host and service properties

Lars Michelsen lm at
Tue Jun 4 21:13:20 CEST 2019

ID:          7763
Title:       Introduce labels as host and service properties
Component:   Core & setup
Level:       2
Class:       New feature
Version:     1.6.0b1

In addition to existing mechanisms like host tags and host custom attributes
that can be used to define custom host properties we have now added the labels.

The labels are similar to the host tags, but not work exactly in the same way.
A major difference is, that tags are based on a predefined collection of
tags (tag groups, tag ids) in Check_MK.  Labels are more flexible and can
be created ad-hoc.

The explicit labels attribute is inherited from folders to hosts. Each
object may add a set of labels on it's own to the effective labels.

A label has the format <tt>key:value</tt>. For example <tt>os:windows</tt>.

Each host can have only one value per key. In case folders and hosts
define a value for the same key, the value next to the host will win.

The rulesets "Host labels" and "Service labels" can be used to assign labels to
hosts and services in addition to the labels configured using the host
attribute. Thes ruleset make it possible to assign lables to hosts and services
based on tags and other host / service conditions.

Labels can be created dynamically during runtime. Host labels can be discovered
using the HW/SW inventory. To realize this a new HW/SW inventory plugin has been
added that works on a generic "<<<labels>>>" section (see #7336).

The first agents that produce this section are the Kubernetes, AWS and Azure
special agents. They creates the label sections for all kind of objects that
are monitored by Checkmk. This makes Checkmk automatically import the labels
configured in the target systems.

Depending on the source of a label it is now colorized in different ways to
make the origin of the label transparent to the user.

The effective labels of hosts and service sare currently visible on WATO
"Parameters of X" page, mainly for diagnose.

The labels are available on the HW/SW inventory page and can be used as painter,
sorter and filter in the status views and reports. The painters have been added
to the host and service detail views.

The labels can currently not be used in rule conditions. This will be added in
one of the next beta releases.

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