Checkmk Werk 7482: mk_mysql: More consistent naming of instances

Moritz Kiemer mo at
Wed Jun 5 12:36:35 CEST 2019

ID:          7482
Title:       mk_mysql: More consistent naming of instances
Component:   Checks & agents
Level:       1
Class:       Bug fix
Version:     1.6.0i1

The naming of different mysql instances has been simplified.
The item names of the monitored instances are now given by the corresponding sockets
(e.g. an instance using the socket "/var/run/mysql.sock" will be called "/var/run/mysql.sock").
If no socket can be determined, only one instance will be monitored, using the default name "mysql".

Previously as a third attempt the <tt>--user=</tt> option found in the output of <tt>ps -fww -C mysqld</tt>
has been used as instance name. This is not longer considered.

The determination of the sockets themselves is unchanged:
If no sockets are listed in the config file, the socket is determined by the <tt>--socket=</tt>
option found in <tt>ps -fww -C mysqld</tt>.

If you are monitoring mysql instances that do not use the default item name "mysql",
a rediscovery is required.

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