Checkmk Werk 7978: Service labels can now be discovered

Lars Michelsen lm at
Thu Jul 18 14:00:22 CEST 2019

ID:          7978
Title:       Service labels can now be discovered
Component:   Core & setup
Level:       2
Class:       New feature
Version:     1.7.0i1

The discovery functions of Checkmk checks can now produce a collection of
service labels together with the discovered services. This makes it possible
for the check developer to mark the services of the discovered services which
can then be grouped together in a flexible way.

The discovered service labels can be listed on the service discovery page of
WATO by enabling them with the button "Show discovered labels".

These labels are attributes of the discovered service and will be handled exactly
like them. They are discovered in one step and applied to the running
configuration in the same way. The cluster handling is also equal.

How make my checks produce service labels?

Instead of producing a two element tuple of <tt>(item, parameters)</tt> to
create a new service the discovery functions can now provide objects like this:

item="Interface 213",
ServiceLabel(u"check_type", u"network_interface"),
ServiceLabel(u"interface_type", u"uplink"),

These objects can be returned / yielded like the tuples before. Both,
the parameters and the service_labels are optional arguments.

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