Checkmk Werk 7716: Windows Agent 1.6 Beta 4: fixes

Sergey Kipnis sergey.kipnis at
Wed Jul 31 10:03:57 CEST 2019

ID:          7716
Title:       Windows Agent 1.6 Beta 4: fixes
Component:   Checks & agents
Level:       2
Class:       Bug fix
Version:     1.6.0b4

Summary of the fixes introduced in beta 4 for Windows Agent
- the readme file extension had been changed from .md to .txt to be more Windows-friendly

- the logwatch configuration is correctly merged, including data from the config file check_mk.user.yml
in previous version, the agent only got entries from the check_mk.user.yml
now used all configurations file are used in the correct order: check_mk.yml, check_mk.bakery.yml and check_mk.user.yml

- the msexch section no longer sends invalid formatted section data, which caused the check to crash

- The processing of plugin had been reorganised. The execution order is now strictly defined according to simple rules:
"Top-down priority of patterns" and "Duplicate executables will be skipped".
More examples can be found in the current check_mk.user.yml.

- The Agent Update plugin is now correctly started and its output is correctly processed.
Previously Agent doesn't send output from the Agent Updater to the server.

- An empty local section is no longer sent

- Fixed error 104 during connection monitoring site to the 64-bit windows client.
Previously 64-bit version of the Agent may reset connection with error 104 if any async plugin didn't stop in time.

- Fixed an error with missing 'temp' folder for Agent Updater.
Due to strange glitch in Windows Agent folder 'temp' had been renamed to 'tmp'.
Previously the Agent Updater tried to find "temp" folder and if it was not available,
the Agent Updater wrote an error message and used the global fallback folder specified in the environment variable %temp%.
The Agent Updater now uses the 'tmp' folder within ProgramData\checkmk\agent

- The 1.5 Agent Updater no longer tries to do a second installation after the windows service was updated to version 1.6
This was caused by not-updated hash values in the old windows agent directory
The 1.6 Agent is now able to patch these values in the old agent directory, hereby preventing the agent updater to trigger another update.

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