Check_MK Werk 0687: New summary page with all settings of a host

Mathias Kettner mk at
Tue Jan 28 12:40:36 CET 2014

ID:          0687
Title:       New summary page with all settings of a host
Component:   WATO
Level:       3
Class:       New Feature
Version:     1.2.5i1

In WATO there is now a new summary page for each host, called <i>Settings
host host...</i>. In this page you can see all of the host's settings that are
determined by rules (via <i>Host & Service Parameters</i>).  You will only
see the current setting of each paramter, but also whether it is determined
by one or more matching rules or whether it is the factory default value.
A click brings you directly to the according rule set or even rule. This all
makes it much simpler to get an overview over all <i>effective</i> settings
of a host and also gives you a fast access to each setting.

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