[omd-devel] Is there plan to move on to mod_wsgi, anyone?

Rahul Gautam rgautam at cscape.in
Wed Apr 10 15:59:24 CEST 2013


We are planning to shift cmk to wsgi in coming months, given that the kind
authors of CMK/OMD framework have not yet decided the roadmap for WSGI.
We'll be using flask/werkzueg as wsgi middle ware (TBD).
All given that CMK has no roadmap for WSGI.
If there is a plan of the CMK team or some strategy, even we would like to
know, so that in future too we can merge our project with CMK. Any pointers
would be helpful.

Not sure if this is asked earlier... Has anyone tried to migrate
omd/check_mk on mod_wsgi? Any documents on the same? or is there a plan to


while ( ! ( succeed = try() ) );

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