[omd-devel] how to install a python module so that i can import it in check_mk codebase‏‏

Rahul Gautam rahul at itsmychoice.in
Sat Jan 5 07:44:13 CET 2013

Hi,Thank you guys for putting so much time and effort in making OMD such a great tool.Last OMD version I used was 0.48(ubuntu 10.10), At that time if I can easily import a python module in my system's python prompt then it's also possible to import that module in any share/check_mk/web/htdocs/*.py file.But now when I install 0.56, import failed although the module is installed (FYI module is pysnmp).So far what i have tried:I have edited the PYTHONPATH, PATH variable in file .profile. I also reinstalled the module at /omd/site/site-name/lib/python.Also edited mod_python importpath in apache/conf.d/check_mk.conf.Then I checkout the source change in OMD during 0.48 - 0.56,  I think I have to recompile mod_python with --with-python option.
OR Is there any preferable way to this in OMD? Please guide me.
Thanks and Regards,

Rahul Gautam

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