[omd-devel] OMD 1.20 released

Lars Michelsen lm at mathias-kettner.de
Wed Aug 27 21:39:59 CEST 2014

Dear users of OMD,

we just published the long awaited release 1.20 of OMD. It ships with 
several smaller improvements related to the omd command and other 
maintenance mechanisms, like the init scripts and log rotation. Many of 
the included packages were been updated. We also added support for the 
latest RedHat/CentOS and Ubuntu releases.

Here is the complete list of changes:

1.20     Aug 25 2014
           - apache: Changed order of apache daemon startup/stopping
             The webserver is now started after the monitoring core,
             but more important, it is now stopped after the core.
             This should reduce the time needed to bring down all worker
             processes, since there are no hanging livestatus
             connections started by web clients anymore.
           - debian packge: Removed non existant URL from changelog
           - perl-modules:
             - Added missing semikolon to fix syntax error
             - Added Monitoring-Plugin module
           - omd:
             - Added --apache-reload flag to omd create/rm for executing
               a reload of the system apache instead of a restart
             - Added nagios/icinga reload init hooks
             - Added --tmpfs-size/-t option to omd create/mv/cp for
               specifying an explicit maximum size for the sites tmpfs
             - FIX: Providing correct exit codes when running
               "omd status"
             - FIX: exit with 2 (partially running) when only some of the
               sites are running or partially running using "omd status"
             - FIX: Reducing duplicate config writes during site creation
           - Init scripts return exit 0 when executing start and daemon
             is already running
             (Modified nagios, apache and rrdcached scripts)
           - diskspace: Fixed error messages in syslog which were caused
             by exit codes of 3 when diskspace cleanup has not been
           - FIX: Fixed logrotation when var/tmp does not exist
             (seem to only be created when xinetd had been enabled
              before within a site)
           - Dokuwiki: Fixed integration with multisite cookie auth
           - New command lc for sending a core command via Livestatus,
             e.g. lc ENABLE_NOTIFICATIONS
           - Check_MK/MK Livestatus: new version 1.2.4p5
           - Thruk: Update to 1.84-6
           - PNP4Nagios: Update to 0.6.24
           - Icinga: Update to 1.11.4
           - NagVis: Update to 1.8b6
           - Monitoring-Plugins: Updated to 2.0
           - Added build support for Ubuntu 14.04
           - Added build support for CentOS 7.0

The released files can be downloaded via http://omdistro.org/download

Best regards

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