[omd-devel] Missing dependency in latest Snapshots (wheezy)

Sven Nierlein sven at nierlein.de
Fri May 9 19:12:34 CEST 2014

On 09/05/14 19:10, Roland Huß wrote:
> I've installed apache-2.2.2-13+deb7, my sources.list says
> deb http://labs.consol.de/repo/stable/debian wheezy main
> deb http://labs.consol.de/repo/testing/debian wheezy main
> and as seen below I tried to install omd-1.11.20140501 (0.wheezy), so I think, I have the right package but it tries to 
> use a2enconf.

So does the folder /etc/apache2/conf-available exist for some reason?

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