[omd-devel] Unable to backup as root

John Cooper John.Cooper at smartfocus.com
Fri May 30 12:00:31 CEST 2014

Ok, I will use that. I've already found out the check_mk -backup file is not the same format as the snapshots. After an auto install of OMD I want to restore some basic settings like tags so will use the check_mk -backup so need to ensure done as monitoring user.

Thanks, John.

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Hi John,

On 30.05.2014, at 11:49, John Cooper <John.Cooper at smartfocus.com<mailto:John.Cooper at smartfocus.com>> wrote:

Hi, trying to use check_mk -backup as root user but the check_mk bash script returns

root at omd1:~# ~monitoring/bin/check_mk --backup check_mk_backup.tar.gz

You can call check_mk only as OMD site user.

Documentation shows using root at linux and states using root can restore to a different account.  Is it correct?


I think that doc's focus is set on non-OMD users so they don't feel left alone.
You, using OMD, should rather use the site user, so su - monitoring and then run it.

If you run WATO, you'll also wanna look at the WATO snapshots in ~monitoring/var/check_mk/somewhere/there


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