[omd-devel] omd command is broken

Sven Nierlein sven at nierlein.de
Sun Apr 26 14:15:43 CEST 2015

Hi Mathias,

the automatic tests revealed 2 issues with the new omd hooks.
1. "omd mv/cp" restarts the system apache before running the config_set_all()
   which starts the system apache with the wrong port number of the site apache.
2. On "omd cp", when the apache hook decides to increase the port number, its
   not beeing saved to ~/etc/omd/site.conf because config_set_all() just runs the
   hook, but does not care about the return value like config_set_value() would do.

Btw, you can run the automatic tests with
./t/test_all.sh ./t/10-omd_testsite.t
from the source folder as root.


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