[omd-devel] OMD 1.20 breaks being able to place a host into downtime from a script

Scott Shannon Scott.Shannon at quantum.com
Thu Feb 26 20:18:04 CET 2015

My production OMD site is running OMD 1.20.  I played around with the syntax presented on various web sites to place a host into downtime, all without any success.

Finally I decided to try it on a crash and burn OMD site running 1.10.  It worked first time, and there was great rejoicing!  Comparison of configurations between the 1.10 site and the 1.20 site did not yield anything that really struck me as being a problem.

I then updated the 1.10 site to 1.20.  Instant failure - the command that I had used before no longer worked, yielding the same (lack of) results as the production OMD site.

Why is this?  What changed between 1.10 and 1.20 that would change the behavior?

Thank you!

Scott Shannon

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