[omd-devel] OMD 1.30 Release

Sven Nierlein sven at nierlein.de
Mon Oct 5 11:08:37 CEST 2015

Dear users of OMD,

we just published the 1.30 release of OMD. Several components
have been updated and also the core omd command has been improved.

Here is the complete list of changes:

1.30     Oct 01 2014
          - omd:
            - Added "Basic / ADMIN_MAIL" hook to configure the target mail
              address for eMails sent to the site user (e.g. created by
              crontab). Finally this generates the ~/.forward file within
              the sites directory. When a mail address is configured, the
              file is written, when you have none configured, the file is
              If you already have a ~/.forward file, the mail address will
              automatically be used as ADMIN_MAIL value.
            - Added backup/restore modes to backup and restore sites completely
              You can backup your sites and restore them with the same or a
              different name.

                omd backup mysite /tmp/backup.tgz

              And for restore use:
                omd restore restored /tmp/backup.tgz

              You need to ensure you have the OMD version installed during
              restore, which the site was using during backup.

              You can also backup to stdout and restore from stdin which means
              you can stream a backup cross the network. This might not only
              be useful for backups, but also for migrations across servers.
            - FIX: Update mechanism detects obsolete but non empty directories
              correctly and asks the user whether or not to delete them
            - FIX: SLES omd init-Script does not use default runlevel 4 anymore
            - FIX: Added PYTHONPATH to site crontab for being able to access
              the sites python modules as when run in interactive mdoe
          - NagVis:
            - Update to version 1.8.5
            - Removed deprecated directory var/nagvis/userfiles. This was
              deprecated since version 0.52. During the update to 1.30, the
              directory and all its contents will be removed. This should be
              no problem for most users, because the directory is not used
              anymore since a long time.
              If you update from OMD 0.52 or below, you need to manually backup
              files from var/nagvis/userfiles and copy them to
              local/share/nagvis/htdocs/userfiles after the update to make them
              available again.
              Note: If you decide to downgrade from this or a following
              version to version 0.52 or older, you will again need to care
              about these files manually.
            - FIX: The nagvis URLs were not correctly linking to e.g. Check_MK
              when a site has been created with Check_MK as default GUI
            - FIX: Fixed site not starting after "omd cp" when using·
              the arguments --no-past, --no-rrds or --no-logs
          - Check_MK:
            - Update to 1.2.6p12
            - moved log dir to var/log
          - Added build support for SLES 12, 11 SP4
          - Added build support for Ubuntu 14.10, 15.04, 15.10
          - Added build support for Debian 8
          - RedHat / CentOS: Builds are now only dedicated to the major
            version, not caring about the minor versions anymore
          - Mod-Gearman: Update 1.5.5
          - Thruk: Update to 2.02
            - fix pnp ssi files
          - Gearman: Updated to version 0.33-4
          - PNP4Nagios: Update to 0.6.25
          - Updated Monitoring-Plugins to 2.1.1
          - Icinga: Update to 1.12.0
          - updated to nail/mailx 12.5
          - rrdtool: Update to 1.5.4
          - apache:
            - mod_fcgid: update to 2.3.9, sles 11 and centos 5/6 only
            - set graceful restart timeout
            - Default redirects from /[site] and /[site]/ to /[site]/omd/ are
              are now preserving the original requested protocol (http/https).
              When using the apache shared mode (which is the default), having
              the system apache service the pages via HTTPS, you will need to
              configure the system apache to provide the X-Forwarded-Proto
              request header to the site apache, which can be done by
              adding the line 'RequestHeader set X-Forwarded-Proto "https"' to
              the proxy configuration related to the site.
            - Apache is now using the default site profile (e.g. PATH)
          - Dokuwiki
            - Updated to Version 2014-09-29d
            - fix discarding all local settings on update
          - check_webinject: Update to 1.88

The release files should be available via http://omdistro.org/download
within the next days.
The download is also available via the labs repository at: https://labs.consol.de/repo/stable/


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