[omd-users] massive problems

Sebastian Talmon st at talmon.net
Tue Apr 5 17:56:07 CEST 2011

Hello Felix,

in the local site config (/omd/sites/XXXX/etc/check_mk/main.mk)
add "localhost|local" to the lists in all_hosts

all_hosts = [

and add some parameters to datasource_programs

datasource_programs = [
 ( "~/share/check_mk/agents/check_mk_agent.linux", ['local'], ALL_HOSTS ),

on localhost, no listening agent (port 6556 via xinetd) is needed -
you could just call the agent locally / agent is allready included in
omd, no installation needed
(with the above, you add the host "localhost" with the tag "local",
and set the command line for all hosts with tag "local" in

after that, "check_mk -I tcp" should fetch the possible services from
the agent.

("check_mk -I tcp" only contacts hosts that are defined in main.mk or
other check_mk config files)


* Felix Bemm <felix.bemm at uni-wuerzburg.de> schrieb am 05.04.2011:
> hi guys,
> I am completely new to server/host monitoring. I started yesterday
> with a installation of nagios and pnp4nagios. it worked so far with
> several services that are monitored on a test host. after some time
> the web came up with omd and I thought to give it a try. I
> downloaded the current rpm for sles 11 sp1 and did the complete
> installation/setup. I created a site and was able to browse the
> nagios/pnp4nagios/check_mk and so on. Now my question :) for
> starters I want to monitor localhost with as much plugins as
> possible for testing reasons. problem the fronted is only showing
> the dummy service. Is there any automated way to install the default
> services like current_load etc.? the command check_mk -I tcp is not
> working. I am a little bit lost here. thx for the help.
> best regards
> felix

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