[omd-users] massive problems

Timo Scheller t.scheller at its.uni-saarland.de
Wed Apr 6 09:49:28 CEST 2011

Hi Felix,

Am 05.04.2011 18:11, schrieb Felix Bemm:
> As far as I understand the agents are already installed in
> ~/share/check_mk/agents and can be loaded via main.mk with
> all_hosts = [ 'localhost|local' ]
> datasource_programs = [
> ( "~/share/check_mk/agents/check_mk_agent.linux", ['local'], ALL_HOSTS ),
> ]
> My biggest problem is the absence of check_mk as binary. There is no way
> to use this command. Not as root and neither as omd user. any suggestions?
as always, many was to rom. ;-)
I prefer the way with a separate client install.

Can you put some more light on this?
You`ve created a new site, and did an su - sitename?
And then you have no check_mk?

Viele Grüße


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