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I can't at the moment as I'm out of office - but:

yes: check_mk inventory, ALL my Linux hosts on ALL of my OMD setups are affected as soo as I reinventorize them or add new ones. Existing hosts are NOT affected.

I think it's a problem at the server side where I use the nightly builds. At the clients I use the current stabel. The first thing I did was to check the output of "-d" to see if the <<<netctr>>> section is present. It is. And I found this not to be suprinsing as "-d" shows the output of the CLIENT which is interpreted by the bugy server.


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  Am 04.12.2011 um 19:07 schrieb Matthias Henze:
  > Hi,
  > just in case no one noticed by now: When a host is inventorized or
  > reinventorized with a current nightly nic's no loger get monitored. This
  > is true for 2011-12-03 and 2011-12-02.
  You are talking about check_mk inventory?
  This is reported by myself to Matthias and Lars
  Can you please provide more details about this client?
  check_mk -d <hostname> output might be helpful
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