[omd-users] Replication of a site on a remote machine

Giacomo Montagner gmontagner at sorint.it
Fri Dec 16 17:30:34 CET 2011

Hi omd-users, 
I started evaluating OMD and I found it very interesting and easy to

I don't know if this question have been asked before: is it an
easy/standard way to replicate a monitoring instance (a "site") on a
different machine, and keep it as an emergency backup, in case the
primary monitory machine goes down? 

What I'm thinking is this: I have multiple monitoring servers in remote
sites (each servers monitors machines in its own site), and from a
central monitoring site I collect al statuses via livestatus/multisite.
The server in the central site does only "collecting" and does not
monitor any other machine actively. 

On each remote monitoring server I defined a site called "remote#": 
omd create remote1   (on the first site)
omd create remoteN   (on the N-th site)

and on my central server I have the "central" site: 

omd create central

What I want is to have a (stopped) copy of the "remote#" sites on the
central server, so that if the server of remote site N goes down, I can
start monitoring site N again by just doing: 

omd start remoteN

on the central server (provided that the central server can reach any
monitored machine on remote site N, of course).
This could also be used to have an active/standby configuration, with a
server monitoring machines and another one ready to take over if the
first fails.  

After monitoring server on remote site N is restored, I could just stop
the remoteN site on the central server, and then start it again on the
remote server. 

I hope this is clear. 

Is there a possibility of having a similar setup? 



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