[omd-users] Nagvis authentication problem

James Barnes jbarnes at silverspringnet.com
Sun Feb 6 01:53:47 CET 2011

So, I'm back to the beginning. Which is good, I guess. At this point I haven't changed any OMD 0.44 Nagvis configuration. So, how do I login and logout of the Nagvis WUI?

I can access the WUI via:
But, this doesn't allow any options.
The Open menu shows the 4 demos.
The Actions menu has one selection - Search (which I'm denied using).
The User menu shows me (jbarnes) as logged in.

Nowhere can I log out. Nowhere can I log in as the administrator. What am I missing?
Thank you, James

On 2/5/11 3:43 PM, "James Barnes" <jbarnes at silverspringnet.com> wrote:

That fixed the problem - thank you, Markus. Weird.

On 2/5/11 1:04 PM, "Krause, Markus" <krause at biochem.mpg.de> wrote:

Hi James,

a " touch /omd/sites/<site>/etc/nagvis/nagvis.ini.php" should fix your problem, I hat they same issue some time ago with 0.44.

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I'm having trouble with Nagvis on OMD 0.44. I broke it. I couldn't find a way to authenticate (my Nagios uses ldap so my username isn't nagiosadmin) so I enabled the audit_log in /omd/sites/<site>/etc/nagvis/nagvis.ini.php by removing the semi-colon and restarted OMD. After that, Nagvis quit working.

The error message when using it is:
SQLSTATE[HY000] [14] unable to open database file
ERROR  Unable to open auth database (/opt/omd/versions/0.44/share/nagvis/etc/auth.db)

I looked for /opt/omd/versions/0.44/share/nagvis/etc/auth.db and, true, it doesn't exist. Neither does the etc directory exist.

I see auth.db in /omd/sites/control/etc/nagvis.

I googled the error and see this but I can't read German:

Has anyone seen this issue and have a fix?
Thank you, James

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