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Colin Hines colin.hines at convertglobal.com
Fri Feb 18 22:28:55 CET 2011

I like.

I'm testing this at a site with roughly 100 servers, primarily x86_64 centos
but a few windows clients as well.  Currently monitoring 20.

I pulled the latest rpm from nightly snapshots and although I had been
running .46, the nighly snapshots say .45 but have todays date, I'm assuming
this is just incorrect as the filesize is larger.

Manually compiled and installed mod_fcgid but still had to force
installation with --nodeps.  Tried on another host after installing the
mod_fcgid rpm from the epel repository and on both installations, removal of
the .46 or .45 packages gives me a package omd-0.46-rh55-21.x86_64.rpm is
not installed (or package omd-0.45.20110218-rh55-23.x86_64.rpm is not

I've been looking through the config files and many of them warn me in
certain terms not to edit them, well, I'm very used to editing config files
for nagios and I'm not sure where to start here.  Lets say for instance I'm
using the multisite check_mk frontend, am I allowed to add hosts through the
main.mk?  What's the preferred/recommended way to add checks for lets say my
tomcat hosts using JMX4perl?

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