[omd-users] Upgrade 0.44 to 0.46

James Barnes jbarnes at silverspringnet.com
Sat Feb 19 00:37:23 CET 2011

Thank you, Joerg. That's exactly what I was looking for - less risk.

On 2/17/11 9:33 PM, "Joerg Linge" <pitchfork at pnp4nagios.org> wrote:

James Barnes schrieb:
> Hi,
> I'm running OMD 0.44 in production and I would like to upgrade to OMD 0.46. Do you have a recommended upgrade path?
> Path 1 (something like this?):
> Install OMD 0.46
> Omd stop site
> Omd update site
> Omd start site
> Path 2 (something like this?):
> Install OMD 0.46
> Omd stop site
> Omd cp site new-site
> Omd update new-site
> Omd mv site old-site
> Omd mv new-site site
> Omd start site

Hi James,

or path 3

omd stop site
omd cp site new-site
omd start site
omd update new-site
omd start new-site
... test new-site while site is running ...
... if everything is working ....
omd rm new-site
omd stop site
omd update site
omd start site

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