[omd-users] pnp4nagios and other problems

Joerg Linge pitchfork at pnp4nagios.org
Thu Feb 24 14:03:01 CET 2011

Papp Tamas schrieb:
> hi!
> First of all I'm new to check_mk, multisite, pnp4nagios, omd and for all of them, I'm only familiar only in nagios.
> 1.
> When I try to view performance diagrams, I get this for passive checks:
> Please check the documentation for information about the following
> error.
> Undefined index: TIMET
> file [line]:
> application/controllers/graph.php *[62]:*
> back



first of all tell me more about your system.

Which Linux Distribution do you use and which omd package did you install.
Also send me please one of the xml files of a not working Host/service

Please set LOG_LEVEL = 1 in etc/pnp4nagios/process_perfdata.cfg an look for error in var/pnp4nagios/log/perfdata.log


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