[omd-users] Random welcome page corruption

Justin Cruttenden j.cruttenden at brighton.ac.uk
Mon Jan 10 17:42:44 CET 2011

When any of my users browses to the site's welcome page 
(http://server.domain.net/sitename/[omd/]) they should be presented the 
welcome screen.

Instead they get the two frames from Multisite, without any CSS.
Every time the page is refreshed, the list of GUIs may changes from one 
frame to the other, may not appear at all, or in rare cases appear as 
normal without any frames. Further refreshing brings back the frames and 

Please see the following images as examples:

The config of the site:
WEB                welcome

Can anyone help?

Many thanks!

IT Services | University of Brighton | 01273 642802

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