[omd-users] Custom view NOT condition

Steve Grzywinski steveg at include-im.com
Tue Jan 11 18:00:29 CET 2011

Trying to create a custom view that is a version of the "Service Problems" view, basically the same but showing all services except for those that begin with LOG... 

When I'm editing my new the view, under filter, how to i write the NOT condition for the " Service // Search field allowing regular expressions and partial matches" to accomplish that... 

If I put "^LOG" in the field, it will show me all services the begin with LOG, I want the opposite of that, all services that do not start with LOG.... 


{'i2m_Srv_No_Logs': {'browser_reload': 30, 
'column_headers': 'pergroup', 
'datasource': 'services', 
'description': '', 
'group_painters': [('service_state', None)], 
'hard_filters': ['summary_host', 'in_downtime'], 
'hard_filtervars': [('is_service_in_notification_period', 
('hst0', 'on'), 
('hst1', ''), 
('hst2', ''), 
('hstp', 'on'), 
('is_service_acknowledged', '-1'), 
('is_summary_host', '0'), 
('service', '^LOG'), 
('st0', ''), 
('st1', 'on'), 
('st2', 'on'), 
('st3', 'on'), 
('stp', ''), 
('is_in_downtime', '0')], 
'hidden': False, 
'hide_filters': [], 
'layout': 'table', 
'linktitle': '#i2m - Problems minus logs...', 
'mustsearch': False, 
'name': 'i2m_Srv_No_Logs', 
'num_columns': 1, 
'owner': 'omdadmin', 
'painters': [('host', 'host'), 
('service_description', 'service'), 
('svc_plugin_output', None), 
('svc_state_age', None), 
('svc_check_age', None), 
('service_icons', None), 
('perfometer', None)], 
'play_sounds': False, 
'public': True, 
'show_filters': ['service_in_notification_period', 
'sorters': [('svcstate', True), 
('stateage', False), 
('svcdescr', False)], 
'title': '#i2m - Problems minus logs...', 
'topic': 'Other'}} 

		steven grzywinski, pres/cto 
include information management, inc. 
100 front st. #525, one tower bridge 
west conshohocken, pa 19428 
p: 484-433-7136 
f: 888-991-3814 
e: steveg at include-im.com 
w: www.include-im.com 
b: www.include-im.com/blog 
f: www.facebook.com/include.info.mgt 
t: www.twitter.com/i2mtechs 

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