[omd-users] Shinken and check_mk in OMD 0.48?

Ihde Maik Maik.Ihde at Cirquent.de
Thu Jul 7 09:59:50 CEST 2011

Hi all,

with the Help of Jean and Gerhard in the shinken Forum I have been able to set up one central OMD based Monitoring Server running OMD 0.48 with shinken as backend and I am using Thruk as Web-Frontend. Furthermore we have a satellite server, which is also OMD based but only running one poller and one scheduler which are serving one realm. The poller and scheduler on the Main Server are running in another realm and both are sub realms of the Realm "All" where the other components (reactionner etc) are located. That way I can distribute the checks between the two servers.

I can see that simple checks like ping and check_apachestatus_auto.pl work. But check_mk simply times out. When calling check_mk from the command line I see:


OMD[omdsat]:~$ check_mk -v xx.admin.xxx.de 
Check_mk version 1.1.10p3

OK, no checks are in the inventory yet. 

OK - Agent version 1.1.10p3, execution time 0.2 sec|execution_time=0.175
OMD[omdsat]:~$ check_mk -I xxx.admin.xxx.de 
cpu.loads         1 new checks
cpu.threads       1 new checks
df                3 new checks
kernel            3 new checks
kernel.util       1 new checks
mem.used          1 new checks
mem.vmalloc       1 new checks
mounts            4 new checks
netctr.combined   2 new checks
postfix_mailq     1 new checks
tcp_conn_stats    1 new checks
uptime            1 new checks
OMD[omdsat]:~$ check_mk -v xxx.admin.xxx.de 
Check_mk version 1.1.10p3
UNKNOWN - Missing Nagios command pipe '/omd/sites/omdsat/tmp/run/nagios.cmd', execution time 0.2 sec|execution_time=0.172


The error on the command line would go away if I touch the missing command pipe - but that does not make much sense, because the check results should be returned to the central machine, right? I thought that shinken components would handle this so that the scheduler on the satellite server would communicate with the reactionner and the broker in the Realm "All" to have the results in the central server.

How can I turn on some more verbose logging on the satellite Server? 

Kind Regards

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