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Oliver Klein o.klein at fh-muenster.de
Wed Jun 1 14:12:34 CEST 2011


i want to use send_nsca and i have a problem to find the right config. I
didn´t find a docu for
nsca with omd. This is what i did

create send_nsca.cfg under

with password and encryption_method

send_nsca is in the right directory /opt/omd/versions/0.48/bin/send_nsca

create command in the commands.cfg

define command{

command_name submit_check_result


and create the submit_check_result command

and finally add this into nagios.cfg under


so when i try to send a test everthing works fine

/bin/echo 'localhost;TEST;0;Nur ein Test' |
/opt/omd/sites/dvz1/bin/send_nsca -H 'localhost' -d ';' -c
1 data packet(s) sent to host successfully.

/bin/echo 'localhost;TEST;0;Nur ein Test' |
/opt/omd/sites/dvz1/bin/send_nsca -H 'nagios-master' -d ';' -c
1 data packet(s) sent to host successfully.

Maybe the problem are the oscp_command and obsess_over_services in the
nagios.cfg or should i set these in the main.mk? And how?
Hope anyone can help me in this issue!

Kind regards

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