[omd-users] writing a time series check

James Todd james.todd at jivesoftware.com
Sun Jun 5 21:01:12 CEST 2011

hi -

  i am new to omd/check_mk/nagios/python. i have the basics up and running and am collecting data from our application nodes. what i would like to now do is perform a time-series check and as such could use a pointer.

  i am not sure "time series" check is the correct terminology so let me describe what i would like to achieve at a bit of a higher level, specifically:

    for a given check "a"
    when this check is performed, i would like to retrieve previously captured values and perform a calculation against the set
    eg: check if we counter-x has not increased more then y% over the last 30 minutes then return critical

  i assume this is done via accessing the rrd data. i will continue to dig in and research but at the same token i very much appreciate more directed help those on this list can offer.

  thx in advance,

- james

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