[omd-users] OMD integrated with nagios+livestatus

Lander, Scott slander at hearstsc.com
Wed May 11 20:34:54 CEST 2011

Ok - you have a couple  problems that I see in your check_mk file.   The big one is your server should be unixcat, and the server args should point to the location of the check_mk live file.

Something like this;

        type            = UNLISTED
        port            = 6557
        socket_type     = stream
        protocol        = tcp
        wait            = no
# limit to 100 connections per second. Disable 3 secs if above.
        cps             = 100 3
# Disable TCP delay, makes connection more responsive
        flags           = NODELAY
        user            = windows
        server          = /usr/bin/unixcat
        server_args     = /omd/sites/windows/tmp/run/live
# configure the IP address(es) of your Nagios server here:
#        only_from       =
        disable         = no

Also, this should not be running as root, but the user that owns the check_mk live file


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Hi Lander,

First, thanks for ur reply.

I have tried it before. But let me show my confs. If something is wrong, please, tell me.

xinetd.conf (In nagios/livestatus machine) - /etc/xinetd.d/check_mk

service check_mk
        type            = UNLISTED
        port            = 6556
        socket_type     = stream
        protocol        = tcp
        wait            = no
        user            = root
        server          = /usr/bin/check_mk_agent
# configure the IP address(es) of your Nagios server here:
#       only_from       = 172.19.209.{1,2,3}
        disable         = no

multisite.mk<http://multisite.mk> (In OMD machine) - /omd/sites/monitora/etc/check_mk/multisite.mk<http://multisite.mk>

   "prodigo": {
        "alias":          "Prodigo",
        "socket":         "tcp:<>",
        "url_prefix":     "",

Thanks again!

Wallace Gerheim
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