[omd-users] check_mk newbie questions

Papp Tamas tompos at martos.bme.hu
Tue May 31 17:13:01 CEST 2011


I'm trying out check_mk.

I see the checks in Thruk and and multisite.

1. All of them is green, except one:



	CRITICAL 	16:56:34 	7d 1h 4m 31s 	1/1

define service {
   use               check_mk_active
   host_name         localhost
   service_description       Check_MK

Why command is not specified here? What is supposed to be it?

2. How can I define the limits for alerts?

For example for this:

define service {
   use               check_mk_passive_perf
   host_name         localhost
   service_description       Postfix Queue
   check_command         check_mk-postfix_mailq

3. I see, there is a diagram about a service, but it has no values it's 
empty. Should I maka something more to do to make it right?
For example:*Service: *CPU utilization

4. The documentation is a bit outdated. How can I make snmp checks?
I ask it, because specifying tcp or snmp doesn't count:

OMD[monitor]$ check_mk -v -p --checks snmp localhost
[... same...]
OMD[monitor]:~/ch$ check_mk -v -p --checks tcp localhost
[...as here..]

Do I something wrong?

OMD - Open Monitoring Distribution Version 0.47
But actually it's a git snapshot for 2-3 weeks ago.

Thank you,

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