[omd-users] Which OMD package suitable for Ubuntu 12.04 "Precise" and should we expect Check_Mk-1.2.0p1 soon?

sven.kieske at compact.de sven.kieske at compact.de
Mon Jun 25 15:18:01 CEST 2012

Am 24.06.2012 14:53, schrieb tbaror at gmail.com:
> Hello ,
> We would like to install new OMD system under Ubuntu  "Precise" 12.04
> x64 my question is which package is most suitable for it ?
> Another question regarding Check_Mk-1.2.0p1 ,should we expect to have
> new release with Check_Mk-1.2.0p1  version including?.


the nightlybuilds at: http://nightly.omdistro.org/2012-06-23/
already include the latest release of check_mk but the test result looks 
not so good for Ubuntu 12.04 (I haven't tested it myself).

I can just say, that the build http://nightly.omdistro.org/2012-06-21/
runs smooth on Centos 6.2, if that is an option for you.

Kind Regards
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