[omd-users] Can't determine the Authoraztion Error in Icinga

john s. fireskyer at emailn.de
Mon Oct 15 13:28:50 CEST 2012

Has anybody else a clue or an idea

why the error occurs ?

regards john s...

Am 11.10.2012, 10:42 Uhr, schrieb Michael Friedrich  
<michael.friedrich at gmail.com>:

> john meyer wrote:
>> Hello Michael
>> As fa as you can see
>> I had tried to get acccess with the followings workarounds:
>> * set wildcard on host and service parameter
>> * disable authentification
> it was a guess to reduce the error possibilities - i'm in the middle of  
> planning an icinga release, got no time left to test your problem myself  
> now, sorry.

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