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Gaber, Michael m.gaber at telekom.de
Wed Oct 31 13:10:17 CET 2012


I wanted to use a second OMD site to do some basic Check distribution via Gearman but ran into errors there. 

My setup is:

OMD 0.56 installed on SLES 11 
/omd symlink changed to point to an NFS mount which is shared between two machines.
Each Machine has users for each site with the same UID and GID setup.
I have one site (site1) which is running on machine1 and doing the monitoring while machine2 acts as cold standby / manual failover.
I created another site (site2) for the additional gearman workers.
Both site-configs point to machine1 as gearmand system

So far everything works, and if I start gearman_worker on machine2 the checks get distributed there as well.
The problem is, that the moment a check wants to run on machine2 it exits with errors that it either can't write to some path which belongs to site1 (why would it even want to write there?). The error Message is:
	UNKNOWN - Cannot write cache file /omd/sites/site1/tmp/check_mk/cache/somehost: [Errno 13] Permission denied: 	'/omd/sites/site1/tmp/check_mk/cache/somehost', execution time 0.4 sec

I Hope that somebody can help me with this problem.

Regards Michael

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