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Thanks for your reply Lars.

As I understand it, we have no way of kicking a service check into existence without adding it in the config and reloading nagios (which in turn causes the initial state to be logged).
The same applies for removing a service check I assume.
I was looking at the external commands that can be sent to nagios here: http://www.nagios.org/developerinfo/externalcommands/
I thought I might use DISABLE_PASSIVE_SVC_CHECKS;<host_name>;<service_description> to exclude a service from the monitoring (for example a disk or VM that is gone and doesn't need monitoring anymore), until nagios needs to be reloaded for something else to avoid a reload. I did some tests with this command, but I'm not sure what exactly it does?

My goal is to keep the number of reloads or restart needed to a minimum as it might impact SLA reporting performance via mk-livestatus.
Is this potentially a problem in environments with lots of services (+/-10k) where lots of reloads are done? What is the groups experience with this? 

On second thought, it might be better to combine monitoring of dynamic resources in a few custom service checks that combine stuff based on resource type.
For example a check combining the status of all VMs on a compute node, where the check status is updated to critical when a VM on the node is having issues.
So in this way, we move some of the intelligence to the check to avoid adding and removing services all the time.

all feedback is appreciated :)

Michael Van Wesenbeeck

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> Hi Michael,
> there are two options for us: restarting or reloading the nagios 
> process. But there are no differences related to the initial states 
> logging. Seems we have  no real chance to change this behavior.
> Regards
> Lars

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